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Mila Fund Pty Ltd, a Section 12J fund. The fund represents, a fresh approach to acquiring new assets for your portfolio to provide above-average returns in an otherwise vanilla investment environment.

The Mila Fund is a qualified B-BBEE investor all investments made will qualify for 100% B-BBEE recognition.



The Mila12J Fund will acquire companies that invest in:

Opportunity Highlights

  • Zuza Asset Rental is a recently established asset rental company leveraging off the experience and systems of E-quipped
  • E-quipped was founded in 2013 after 14 years in vehicle asset finance
  • Traditional Finance Broker with 9 funding lines
  • E-quipped owns 75% of CVF, which supplies an innovative finance platform that:
    • Increases client retention and sales
    • Has no administrative burdens and interactive client communication
    • Has increased productivity
    • Generates cash flow on redundant assets
  • E-quipped’s asset rental operations deliver an excellent return on investments (20-23% targeted), with established risk mitigation processes
  • E-quipped requires funding to grow the business.

Opportunity Highlights

  • Hoyo Hoyo Hotels & Resorts owns and operates 7 luxury leisure properties located across South Africa
  • Amongst the properties open to investors is the breath-taking Angel’s View hotel located at God’s Window, Mpumalanga
  • There are investment opportunities into all the properties via Okusha’s 12J offering
  • All investments offer attractive returns, as well as personal use benefits to investors
  • Personal use benefits include free accommodation*, discounts on accommodation as well as discounts on services and amenities offered by the hotels.

* Free accommodation is determined by the size of the investment and will vary from property to property.

Opportunity Highlights

  • The wholesaler was founded in 2004 and is a leading non-refining fuel wholesaler
  • It is an aggressive, service-driven and motivated organisation which offers superior customer service and competitive pricing
  • The wholesaler is in the process of expanding its footprint nationally by re-branding and converting existing, stringently selected, service stations
  • As part of the conversion process, it takes on the capital expenditure of the rebranding in exchange for exclusive fuel distribution
  • It will utilise investments into the 12J company to aggressively drive the rebranding and conversion of selected service stations nationwide
  • In return, the wholesaler will offer superior returns to investors in the 12J company.

Opportunity Highlights

  • Mila Fund will purchase a petrol service station
  • The Retailer will manage the operations
  • For individuals IRR ranges from 26% (bear case) to 36% (base case) to 55% (bull case)
  • For corporates IRR ranges from 20% (bear case) to 31% (base case) to 49% (bull case).